Our Story

Hello and welcome to our space!

Spreads is a hand crafted gourmet Peanut Butter brand, our natural peanut butter that is mixed and twisted with delicious and exciting flavors like no other! .

Hello there! My name is Sarah and Spreads is a product of passion ! My love for peanuts started at a very young age, I used to crush together peanuts and sugar in my mother's mixer when I first learned how to use it!

Years later I traveled with my Family and was officially introduced to Peanut Butter, it wasn't a common product here back in the day, and I just fell in love.

Fast forward to my working-mom life I wanted to give my daughter healthy food that is additives and preservatives free and that come in handy for a quick meal or a snack.. it had to be delicious as well!

And after some ( quick healthy snack ) search on Pinterest here came homemade Peanut butter! (Yay!)

At first i made the basic recipe which was grinding some peanuts it wasn't very drool worthy! but I worked on it and tried different types of peanuts until I perfected my recipe, I wanted to share it with the world because it was a life saver.. and so I did, I created a blog and prepared my post on how to make a natural peanut butter at home and it had a nice reach and a high interaction for a second post, it made my friends and family encourage me to start a small business from home and sell it.. at that point I was just a person who loved art, diys, and cool artistic stuff like photography and crafts but the more I thought about it the more the whole vision started building up in my head.. the color scheme, the flavors, the presentation, what kind of offers that i want to make, how i want to sell it, I wanted to give it my all!

And it finally started happening I started searching designing and testing until i finally set a date to launch May 2018 ( that was kind of a mini disaster behind the scenes) and pretty cool and successful upfront 😄 with the support of family and friends ♥️ bit by bit things began to shape and I moved to a bigger place so i can do my little business from home and manage my full time job plus being a mom which is definitely the hardest.

May 2019 I launched the online store and it was a big step for me to move forward with Spreads growth, it's my artistic outlet it's my little baby project that is teaching me a lot and keeping me on my toes to keep pushing and learning more and more every day about business.

I hope my journey inspires you, and my passion is passed on through my products that is absolutely made with so much Love ❤

Sarah Marzouk.